Try Me On

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Naked Girl

Try me on baby, laugh out loud in the middle of our heat, the moment we fell in deep, deeper than how we used to fall inside of you with the vision of where we’ve never been because all the while we take ourselves in, in small doses, the small doses that has kept us alive till this morning that all that we do is explore who we are, who we can be with the heat of you backing me up stoned and not wasted alone, the smoke that engulf us with the applause of the world that makes us never wanting to stop as we dance and sex all night to keep the critics mouth shut.

On the edge of glory we read, about us from the crystal ball of your breast the applause that drives us to the edge where we dance without the fear of falling in love with everything that’s bad, even the ones we don’t know, more of me you want, inside you I want to live, the vagina language I now learn, fluently I speak, green light that bite with the pain of pleasure that we’ll forever crave, the new sound that we make, forever we’ll lust with the joy of the sex we make even when you laugh at the thrills, the eroticness of who you are, sin of heaven the praises of earth. Fuck me nonstop like the dj mix, hot tempo with the joy of the music we play in our head, the rhythm of the lust of our joy, undiluted devil they call us, evil spirit, we are the demons that terrorize, alcohol the love of our life, your sex too the addiction that brings out the crazy best fun of us, dancers of the night, heaven we made because praises we make, the activity of heaven, so we worship forever the joy of your body, the joy of sex too, like they sing about.


Wake me up with me in your mouth like I do you, enchanted with the touch of your palm, seductive with the laugh that makes us want to do more, new styles we created, flexibility of the body we discover, even the body lust for the joy of our skin, the things we love to tell the world, how we fuck, we just never want to grow up, forever we want to remain, carrying the young love that’ll never grows old even as time pass year after year, seconds after seconds forever we’ll be young, awake till the end of time, never want to sleep because we’ve got the whole of eternity to sleep when we die, so let’s stay awake for as long as we can, making love and staying in love, teaching the world how to fall in love and how to appreciate the love that will keep humanity to live forever with the thrills of lust and happiness that will change the relationship we keep with the people we say we love.

Not just the sex but all of the person I am you should try on and see how much we can change the world with our combined energy, the energy that will change time and forever we will rule this medium with what’s in us, what the world is lacking, for we are the new kind of romantics made to survive, to explore the love of our heart uncultured, civilized in our own urban sphere where we rule with no influence of the norm of this society that we find ourselves, the society that gives responsibility to sex, for we are humans and not our sex, we are fun with no rules of how we should live, so as you try me on, let us fade away troubles and unbelief, doubt, wake up me with the lust of you and let me take you to the illusion of bliss that’s real, tabs and air.

Laughing and Fucking