Tuesday Morning Life

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Weekend lifeIt’s been a long holiday and even as the holiday is over, a little lazy I feel this morning, don’t want to get up from bed even, the alarm woke me up almost at the wrong time, but a lover was by my side, and a kiss made me not very angry at the alarm clock but now I’m awake in the dark and the lover is back to sleep. So mentally I prepare myself for Tuesday, for back to work and the kind of feeling I want for the day, pushing out the kind of energy I’ll cherish today, but inside of me I feel sexy though, sensual and sensitive, it’s love I want today, lust and even as I work I just want to feel romance and that’s the energy I’m putting out this morning as I’m half awake.

Arms wrapped around each other, body touching, lips found and somewhere in the corner of my heart is the thought of work but the touching morning ritual and the foreplay I’m enjoying and finally it’s time for the morning run and workout. Electro-Pop is the title of the playlist, it brings me to life and give me energy and after the workout and run, hitting the shower with fifty shades of grey album, lustful ideas I nurse in the shower.

Pink Thong

I love my panties, I’m a lingerie lesbian, just love the sensual comfort they give me every-time, it’s Tuesday and it’s a bright pink lace thong day for me, want to feel that energy from there and radiate it to every part of me. It’s believed that our sexual energies are usually the strongest energy we possess and that’s why it takes over us every-time it comes alive but if we can own the energy and be in control of it, we can distribute the energy inside us and the result will be magic, it’s that magic I want to be today.

We can be the magic the world need, even though the day start lazy, a little thought of how you want the day to go can really excite you to get up from your bed, ready to experience the day. So let’s experience the day in lust and beautiful romantic energy, let’s carry with us the fire of the holiday and the joy of the moment with the lover.