Tuesday Ten – Pictures 

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Photography is one of the greatest technology and assets to this generation. Pictures can tell a million things in one shut because it captures the emotions and realities of the subject in the picture and for every time you look at the picture you can still feel it again. Have always been a lover of pictures, first it was me being the subject but later I enjoy the feel of others in a picture. Not all words can be said or written down, pictures can say it all. It’s all about the message of the picture for me, what its been portray in it, it’s an art, sometimes the message is cryptic and you can interpret the picture in a million ways:

The kind of photography I like majorly are nude and fashion photography. For me it’s about the beauty of the body. As a stylist my work is to beautify the body no matter the size so am not a fan of body shaming, all size are beautiful and sexy. You need to be connected to your body to know your fit, the confidence in your skin, nude photography speak the beauty of the size, the reality of the actual being under the clothes, the innocent of humanity, it’s you saying what you can do if you’re the only one in the world, that’s the idea of nude photography for me, freedom – what will you do if you’re truly free? The reality of not being free is our major limitation and sometimes you just need to snap out of such reality and be free with yourself, insecurity kills, you know. Fashion is the art of different combination of your ideas, mood, sense of luxury and clothes. It’s you being yourself making the designers dream come to life by you wearing his clothes to fit your ego. The photography of fashion is like the inspiration of the creative director of a fashion house, you’re creating a masterpiece of reality and saving the exact feel of being inside of the clothes.

Most of my pictures I save from Pinterest and Instagram 

For me this picture is a masterpiece, the expression of freedom, relief and being in the moment yet it’s stylish. Minimalist.

This is one of the greatest pictures of all time, the wardrobe malfunction of Marilyn Monroe. She was a happy girl and one can feel that happiness in this shot and the artistical flair of the gown revealing her pant. Pretty, sexy and real.

I’ll say this is one of those lonely nights that you need fun, but you’re all by yourself relaxing in your thoughts hoping for the moment. The dark room, rough sheet and the relaxed breast make the picture come to life and the long stare.

This is not too long ago from the 2016 billboard awards Ciara slayed and the picture was perfect the clothes fit on her, it was meant for her body, love the shining silver texture of the fabric and the display of her leg of days, I die a thousand times staring at this picture.

This is Lola Oj for WanaSambo BloggerEdit her hair was the first thing that got me attracted to this picture, the realness and natural look of it, then the black and white look, the picture is simple and selfless.

Well for me this is trendy and doing it, being real to yourself and expressing you, yes we know cigarettes kills like they say but you can’t shy away from the sexy it portray especially when it’s a lady.

Ask why I love this picture and I can’t tell you why, can’t explain it but I know there’s something about this picture am trying to find out.

All size are beautiful and sexy, from the tattoo to the leg warmer, the look, the lipstick and the lighting just compliment it for me. 

This picture of Toke Makinwa was one of the best pictures of 2015, everything about this shot was right, the yellow swimsuit and the Dior eyewear got me staring for a long time.
Kim is a friend of the media, selfie queen, this shot broke the Internet, she slayed, her look is priceless and sexy.

In all of this collection the expression is contagious as you look at the picture, the mode of expression with clothes says it all and that’s why pictures is close to my heart.

– Billi