Tuesday Thrills

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Rain FashionWoke up with a beautiful energy, can bet it’s on the right side of the bed, waking up to Amy is always a good day, her vibe and her voice brings the day to life, just like she’s making Tuesday, sexy and attractive and it’s a day you’ll want to experience after waking up to the comic voice of a lover, cool weather like it will rain anytime soon, typical everyday of this month, it can rain for days, we are used to that already and that’s why we don’t just dress for one weather, we dress for two, maybe three sometimes, because it can rain heavily now and the sun might shine hard the next minute and it can be breezy and cold in the evening, you just have to plan every of your outfit, though some are good with cold though.

I feel it coming the joy and groove of Red Summer, the beautiful people that will be attending, the vibe of this fashion party has been the tales of my thought for awhile now and I don’t want to snap out of it because of the different influence it have on me, as a fashion girl, everything motivates me, especially Elanred Red Summer.

Tuesday I love because of the sexy romantic influence it have on me most times, the lust for the lover and the reminder of how beautiful love is to humanity, how good and more fun and interesting the world will be if we can just love each other, the major thing that’s constantly depreciating in our generation, wars like we are living in the old times when the world was being formed, kingdoms taking over other kingdoms, the search for power over all, sometimes I try to wonder the reason for the killings this time, though many are in the prison of their mind and belief, reason why taking other people’s life as a daily job I still don’t get and every day we pray for safety and fun.

It’s the season of beautiful raincoat, colorful outfit, some go around with the umbrellas, if it’s not the hand bag, let the hand be free, but hand bag is cool, can be used to do many things even to send secrete signals like the Queen. A yellow plastic jacket and the wide leg pant, the cropped Red Summer camisole and a boot, a beautiful smile and sexy attraction of Tuesday, red lipstick is always a girl’s favorite, a defensive armor sometimes.