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Like a Midas touch when TY Bello took the job to take every ThisDay Style cover page photos, she redefined editorial photos, her photos became one of the most celebrated photos often, with beautiful behind the scene stories, touching and interesting, like how she chased the cab driver so she can use the taxi for Tiwa Savage’s cover, even the one she shot RMD at Makoko and the popular one of course, how she discovered Jumoke, that’s one testimony that many people will give on her behave even  many years after now because it’s not the usual kind of thing, a situation that define the meaning of miracle, grace and favor.

Sometimes we remember the first time, though most first time we can’t really remember, life generally is in between two different realities, the time when we are born and the time of death, in between is life. The stories we make and the people we affect with the life we live, what we do with the talent that we have, the reflection of our hope, to give more people hope and make them want to live just like how you’ve survived, the truth we know is the history we make as we live. Finding who we are and living the life that will affect people even when we are long gone he’ll teach you when you’re in a relationship with the maker, the potter, the molder of us. This is earth where we live and make memories since from the first time, the in between time and even for the last time, but like that saying, make the first impression memorable, the first time I saw TY Bello, it was like every other normal day.


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God’s gift to humanity is really so much for us to want to quantify, though he told us to count our blessings one by one, we can do all things he said too which makes it that we can be who we want to be, the person he mold us to be, in his own image and likeness, possessing the aura of his glory and presence, the charm that commands the moment, time and space and fill the people around, the presence that he install in us that we can carry everywhere we go, only if you’re on the same page with him though. People that are on that same page with him carry that aura and presence everywhere, in everything they do, even as she sings and take photos, the presence of the Holy Spirit she depict on her work of art, music, photos and even how she enjoy the presence and the thrill of the music she sings, the thrill of him when she worship him with her voice and her person, her life and who she is. TY Bello is different, she’ll make you want to find the Holy Spirit, she’ll make you want to be his friend, to dwell in his presence because it’s the sweetest place to dwell, she won’t only tell you in her lyrics, you’ll see it in her, in how she smile and dance and move to the rhythm of the song she makes, of the photos she make even, she’s a carrier of the cloud of greatness, of the presence of the Holy Spirit and you don’t have to be there in the physical before you can connect with her, with who’s in her that’s greater than he that’s in the world.

Living in this country many memories we’ll forever cherish that we experienced, just as many will always cherish how they’re alive to experience the millennium. For some of us that watch the music industry grow in our face we’ll cherish some TV shows that define those moments, like Prime Time, Keke, D1 and ID on the Street are those guys we want to see on TV, the music they play to us we want to watch and listen to because that’s how we get to know what’s trending and which artiste is relevant, on that day we were introduced to Kush, a girl group and their music, you’ll fall in love with almost the first time, for some people they fell in love the very first time they heard them sing, Emem’s verse on the song made the song even more different from the kind of circular music that was trending at that time. Song of peace will always be celebrated in this country because we’ve seen many unrest and experience many hate too, so when people sing about peace we appreciate the idea of it even though the life of peace many still don’t live, trust NTA you can’t beat their reach, that song became an anthem, how they preach peace to Nigerians. Kush was short lived, just as we woke up one day to fall in love with Kush, so we woke up another day and we got the news of their split, it was sad but things like this happens, we’re not new to this, same as every other groups we’ve love in the past, we thought this girl group will be different though but they’re like other groups that had split, they went solo.

Ijoba Orun many music lovers will joyfully sing along to, even those that don’t know the meaning of the lyrics enjoyed it and because it’s gospel too, fans loved it. Consoling because now at least we don’t have to wallow only in the memories of Kush split, now there’s a new continuation to the story of Kush, Lara George started making waves and people start to ask of Emem and TY Bello, wanting to know what’s up with them.

Our prayer for this country is for it to become the country of our dreams, we pray for it even when it’s not Sunday and when people sing about it, it change our mind and thought about it even if it’s for that little moment, we’ll enjoy the idea of the singer’s hope and prayer for the country. The Land is Green took over every musical shows and count down, TV stations won’t stop playing it because the lyrics is rich, the video too and the color is attractive, almost like the first time that green and white will be that attractive and mean much to us, the lyrics too, the land is green for me, a prayer that everybody prayed and sing along to because at this time in the country it’s the prayer of many people to travel overseas, to greener pastures and those that can’t afford to travel pray the song harder. TY Bello became a household name immediately and later Ekundayo was released. Funmise my favorite on that album, maybe my most played on the record even if God does not make it happen who will?

That album introduced me to spirituality differently; unknown to me even, but her voice, lyrics and vibe on every track will make you connect with her truth, her pureness, the true meaning of every word she sings, you can feel their impact and love their feel, meaning of the lyrics mixed with the rhythm of the sound that accompany her voice, she’s TY Bello and only if you know you know. Soon gist of her photography skills began to fly and soon it became what we’ll forever cherish, for her living that part of her life. Photos communicate a million words and expression, the feel is different, the message they pass too, the emotions and the look of beauty they possess, art mixed with the creativity of the eye behind the lens and the person in front of the camera, the center of the art. Who we are will always reflect in everything we do, for those that listen to TY they can testify, that tender spiritual feel of the Holy Spirit she transmit around, she possess the aura of the Holy spirit which is contagious when you’re under her vibe when she sings, that feel she brought into her photography, the flow of the Holy Spirit, tender and soft, and heavenly with the tone of truth and purity.

Making a promise and keeping it bring more trust and respect to a relationship, the kind of sacrifice we make for what we truly love, we can tell ourselves it’s worth it every time and we’ll do it over again if we have the chance. My Morning Song Book was not just a promise kept but a gift to the world, sharing her journey, experience with the Holy Spirit, the feel of him when you let him take over and how’s faithful at keeping his own part of the bargain, if you listen to the album you’ll feel the vibe of the Holy Spirit, his gentle and peaceful flow.

He’s everything you need TY will sing to you, he’s everything you want, the more you crave, and seek for; he’s the spirit of life. Her deeper friendship with the Spirit of God you’ll notice on every new record, from Green Land, My Morning Song Book, already started writing this when I discover The Spirit of Life, it’s the reintroduction of us to the Holy Spirit and his vibe, the ambiance of his presence, the aura of his greatness when you let him take over, a mix of Yoruba charm of words that resonate with strength and glory of the lyrics of every song. Tope Alabi is a carrier of that vibe too, the confirmation and convincing the words she sings, her voice mixed with the tender consuming presence of him the Holy Spirit that takes over as you listen, the cloud that whispers, the spirit that possess you to live in the moment in true and joy, filled with the spirit of worship and the heart of joy.


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WAR- Tope Alabi and TY Bello (Spontaneous song): #track14 on the #spiritoflightalbum . Yoruba is a beautiful language .. translating to English can be tricky as one has to unravel the true meaning behind the poetry often going on . I’m so grateful for the help of Mr Oreofe Williams for the translation. For this song … War .. I decided on my friend Dr Odagas advice to call on Mrs. Morin Desalu. Her dad was Professor Emeritus in Yoruba Language and I knew she could help us decode additional layers of meaning . Aunty Morin helped clarify the war terminologies within the song.. In her spontaneous worship, @tope_alabi_ was clearly describing God and the angel armies in perfect FORMATION aligned on our behalf.She described how an army goes into battle…the vanguard, calvary, the rearguard ..God literally surrounds us in our time of testing and trouble… He fights for us so we don’t have to ..we are never alone. Every time we get to vote and choose the leadership of our country , it’s a clear battle for our future…a big one ..It’s good to know that our Nation never fights alone. I believe we have God; not only on our side but surrounding us. Many times when we pray and ask God to go with us, we sometimes forget the weight of that very word, GOD…The Immeasurable, all Powerful, Mighty Warrior that reassures us that with Him, in every battle.WE WIN.By faith we do all that we know to do and then hand over to Him. As divided as we may seem along the lines of politics, religion and tribe, I believe that deep down, we should have have one United desire…that our Nation wins. For when She wins, above everything and everyone else, only then can we truly have peaceful and victorious lives.God help us as we decide tomorrow.. CREDITS: #Spontaneously written and performed live by @tope_alabi and TY Bello #Produced by TY Bello #Recorded by David Joshua for @idealconceptsolutions #Additional Recording by @joshkeyz #Keys and overdubs by @biggorgy #Talking drum by @jrhythm_12 #Edited by @joshkeyz #Mixed and mastered by @mr.wols #Translated by @oreofewilliamsawojesu #Filmed by @taiwo_jassy and @adelodun_ #Edited by @taiwo_jassy #Make-up by @madeofmeekness

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