Universe Teachings of Love

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Tattoo Fashion Hold it, relax, take a deep breath and focus, focus on you and who you are, on the purpose of living, the purpose of getting married and falling in love, the purpose of having sex and experiencing the body of a lover, relax and find love and forget hate and the ill treatment for a minute, relax and imagine just the perfect picture of before now, of before everything went apart from how it all began, relax and think what it felt like before the space that has brought you to this point of hate and disgust, relax and breath in the breath of fresh air that you used to breath, relax and think a little.

Love sometimes leaves when you need it most, love expires and turn sore when you least expect, leaving you shattered into pieces, into the shadow of yourself and you look strange even to yourself that you wonder who you have become, careless and loveless, living life differently with a reality that’s strange and you wish you never fell in love, you didn’t even enjoyed it while it lasted and now you’re heartbroken because it all ended quick and now you’re shattered and broken.

Universe Laws

But the universe have its own way of doing things, the universe have its own way of teaching us to be us, love and time and feelings and just like success in life you have to fail first, you have to loose even for only through that you learn the ways of being successful, for failure builds you and make you even more determined, for heartbreak teaches you the way of love and makes you appreciate your heart and how it feels and how it should be treated.

Just as time changes, people too, feelings even, it fades and love degenerate but all is for a time to learn different from what we’ve always wanted, to learn a new and different lesson to build the human in us, to feel hate to appreciate love the more, to feel rejection to appreciate affection it’s all a lesson, teachings of the hard way to break us, the universe way of remolding us.

Natures Fashion

Let nature and the universe build and mold us, let’s let it teach us a different lesson.