Using Your Power to Forgive

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Art of Forgiveness

Art by David Hatton

Begin to live the Law of One by using your power to forgive, to begin again, to let go of that need to judge, that need to break through mistakes and force correction. As you begin to forgive yourself, you gain the power that comes with mercy. As you begin to see yourself as a whole person who has been known to make errors but who is always far greater than the sum of the mistakes made, there comes into you a feeling of dignity and self-respect, for you are no longer judging yourself on your behavior. You are beginning to judge yourself on your intentions and your basic nature.

As you become self-forgiven there is awakened within you a self-perception that includes true power, for you know you have the power to understand and forgive. And you know that when those about you impinge upon you in ways that may seem hurtful, you have the power to stand on your self-forgiven feet and gaze at those entities at the soul level and forgive them. For you know that they know not what they do.Forgiveness

And so your world begins to be self-forgiven. And your power grows, as does your power to love, your power to forgive, your power to exercise patience and understanding. The definition of magical power is the power to create changes in consciousness at will. As you are self-forgiven and know yourself to be an instrument of love, so you change your consciousness. Each time you tune into that feeling of self-forgiveness and self-respect, you are changing the vibration of your entire energy body and you are changing the vibration of Planet Earth.

-Q’uo -The Law Of One