Value of Women Through Time

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Since the beginning of time, different generations have appreciate women differently, they’ve seen different beauty in women and their function in the society too, the roles they play in the society and how pretty and attractive, different times with different meaning of the person they are and what they can contribute even, but for every time they exist, they live to inspire the generations yet unborn and even the present generation that they live in, some women live their life as an example of what can be done as a woman, boundaries they break and that’s the beauty of women through many generations.Women we see differently the beauty they possess even and the sexiness of their body, their skills and their appealing vibe with their sense of seduction and the power they hold, though the society live in denial of this sometimes but following history, great men were conquered by women and the tricks of conquering them last through the history of time and till date we still talk about how well they can carry out the most tasking work, for they have in them a different strength that hold a different kind of power that will make you succumb to their prowess and willingly you’ll do what they request you to-do.Pretty GirlsJust like the society and what they’ve make us to believe about ourselves, the strength of us they’ve shown us and they’ve distract us to know what we can do more, so is how they make many women understand what they can do and why they can’t do them because they are women. We can do all things, everybody can do all things not just a particular sex but often because the opposite sex see the strength of their manipulations and how they often can’t control themselves when they are under this spell, they distract them and make them believe they can’t do some-things, so they tend to limit their exposure of what they can know or the ability they can possess and many fall for this because they are been describe as a weaker vessel, which tend to limit them within the boundaries of this wall and they live their life in this box, but some women know different.Some found the truth of the limitless possible thing they can do with the person they are, the advantage of being a women and the many vibes and charm they possess inside and the much they can contribute to this place. We are all created to love and to create too and not to limit people on the much they can do as human because we are scared of them taking over or out shinning the idea we have and the way the world currently see us.

Lisa Folawiyo

For generations men have been trying to understand women but every time, they get it wrong because the two sex are built differently, with different personality and different sense and different understanding of humanity but we are all human and we are created to make the earth beautiful and that’s why we are created in love to love and not to hold people down or lie to them on what they can do and what they can’t because as human we’ve got right and as human we can do all things.