Value of Words

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Power of WordsTalk they say it’s cheap, talk they say when said can’t be taken back so they compare it raw egg, when it falls it breaks and you can’t unbreak it, it waste, so it’s always advised to be careful what you say and never say what you don’t mean because you don’t know what your talk can pitch in the mind of the person you’re saying it.

So it’s Valentine’s Day and words will rule the air, those romantic words especially the four letter ones that’s the everyday use but they’ve got heavy meaning that can trigger a beautiful feelings and make those butterflies fly, it’s the season of beautiful words, but don’t say it if you don’t mean it.

Meaning of WordsTrue expression usually comes out through the words we say and how we say it, the vibe in our voice and the passion, the look sometimes interprets the gravity of how we mean those words, but really what will you be saying tomorrow? How romantic will you be expressing what you really feel for that soul that you love, love is the word you say, don’t lead that heart on if you don’t truly mean it.

For the heart of love never goes sour, especially when it’s real and lack the fear of heartbreak, even if the possibility of heartbreaks can’t be ruled out because we are all humans and somethings fade and don’t last forever, enjoying it while it last is the right vibe of living in the moment without no regret, so love like it will last forever and heal when it fades.

I Love You still have a strong meaning, meanings that carry your personality and the appreciation of who you are saying it, it’s all about being real and true without deceit, that’s love and when you love, you love, so love if you want to and make no excuse.