VanityFair Cocktail Recipe “Amai Doku,”

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Beverage director Cole Schaffer’s cocktail list at Neta includes the “Amai Doku,” which means “sweet poison”—our favorite flavor of poison! So toss out your dusty bottle of arsenic, replace it with raicilla, and impress your snobby friends who are really “into sweet vermouth” right now with this obscure and unique spirit. Or mix it up and serve on your favorite coaster made of reclaimed wood, because the weekend calls for some well-Instagrammed down time.

Amai Doku
– 1.5oz La Venenosa raicilla.
– 5 oz elderflower.
– 25 oz cherry bitters.
– 25 oz rich simple syrup

Stirred, served over rocks. Garnished with a lime peel.

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