Vintage [The Old In The New]

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Let’s go way back to before to the beginning and all we have to do is rewind and what we’ll be talking about today is throwback fashion and style which is the new “Vintage”.
Growing up back then,we all have different experience at different stage of our growing up,different style,but there’s one unique thing back then a universal style like shoulder parts,colourful shirt and blouses,now funny eye glass,tommy skirt,mom jeans,animal print shirt,jeans with animal head prints and all that, the list is endless.
We all love and appreciate the fashion of that time that’s why we all love to sample vintage stuffs in our outfit these days and if you don’t have vintage cloths in your wardrobe already wow! Like seriously you should go shop for, like in a hurry because you’re lacking behind already in that fun of fashion. The advantage is this you’re bringing back the loving memory of your childhood, back then you can only admire the outfit on them but now you can wear them the way you want and how you wish infusing it with the style of now and you’ll look wonderful. Fashion is life and fun and Fashion is never static, it’s always revolving and old kind of fashion always come back that’s why we have Vintage Fashion,Vintage Style,Vintage Cloths.
It’s my pleasure to show you Vintage fashion back then in 2013 we love what fashion was like then, and the music of back then, we love life then but things are way more easier now though all thanks to technology we have internet and computers to ease work.
Let’s go back memory lane in 2013 blend.

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