Visible Panty Lines

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Visible panty lines some say it’s sexy, some guys love to stare at a lady’s ass with vpl when they see one. The truth is VPL ruin that good outfit, attracting all the attention to you ass. Invisible panty lines will help to enhance your looks by making your figure seem sleeker and sexier. You can avoid Vpl.

#1. Visible panty lines occur at the point where your backside cheeks are intersected by tight elastic of the panties. The backside cheeks have little place else to go but to bulge out either side, while the elastic dips in, creating a visibly indented line. The goal, therefore, is to either avoid creating these indent across your backside or to scoot them down to a part of the cheek where they won’t be visible under a particular garment.

#2. Select the underwear that suit your backside shape. There are so many choices nowadays that something will work the best for your shape, and best fit your style. The most important thing is to purchase panties that fit! Make sure you know how to buy panties that cover your buttocks properly, at least to the extent of coverage the panties are supposed to give and that they do not dig in too tightly. At the same time, if you choose underwear that is too loose, it can easily wrinkle up inside your clothes leaving you lacking a smooth, sleek look and just showing wrinkles and bumps.
For a boyish figure, try a boy-cut panty which will avoid cutting your rear. Boy shorts provide full coverage, and you can get them in elastic or mesh to better avoid panty lines. These materials prevent your underwear from bunching up under your clothes and leave you with a full coverage, smooth look. For a fuller figure, try a laser cut or high cut style of panty.

#3. Choose the right fabric. Panties that shape themselves to your body are less likely to create VPLs. Elastic and spandex panties will work well to create a seamless fit, whereas cotton panties will often give a rumpled look along with VPL. However, because cotton panties are comfortable and most women have them in abundance, part of the trick is to avoid wearing them with outfits where they will definitely show. Given that much cotton underwear has thicker elastic, this is more likely to show through many of your outfits, so be sure to check in the mirror or ask a trusted friend for honest advice as to how it looks. Most elastic and spandex underwear, on the other hand, uses a thinner band, helping to avoid panty lines.

#4. Take care with color. While bright pink panties with a dark outfit might be fine, the image changes rapidly when worn under white or other light clothing! Suddenly, much more is revealed than expected! Match your underwear to your skin tones when wearing light clothing. Flesh colored underwear blends in with your skin, leaving invisible panty lines. Keep in mind that flesh colored underwear means it closely matches your skin tone. If it is too much lighter or darker than your skin tone, then the VPLs will still show through.

#5. Opt for a thong or a similar alternative. This is the number one option to avoid panty lines. Thongs simply don’t have the lines to show, making the choice easy for many women. Be sure to check out the rear view when you sit or squat; those positions tend to expose half the thong if you’re wearing low riders. However, there are women who don’t like to wear thongs, and for those women, there are a few other options:
– Shape your body with your panties. Body shaping underwear is another great option to a thong. This style of underwear starts higher up on your waist and comes down to your mid thighs. Elastic or spandex styles give you a smooth and sleek look. It can also have some constricting properties that can suck in unwanted bulges, making you look and feel great.
Consider wearing boy shorts, boxer shorts, or French knickers. These are a great option if you don’t want to wear a thong; the longer leg will eliminate panty lines that cut across the butt. If your pants are tight, however, the edges still may show.

#6. Going commando can be the best way to avoid panty lines. But can also be the best way to accidentally flash your crotch to strangers.

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