WanaSambo Women’s Month Collection With 5-25% Discount 

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Its Mother’s day on the 26th of March and we decided that for the next 3 days, we will help you select a few pieces we think are a great gift for Mom this year!!Introducing THE GREEN TUNIC PAIR. . .

DETAILS: Suit textured loose fit blouse and and pants!

The Green Tunic Pair screams #WanaSamboWoman: STRONG, SEXY AND EXOTIC

Celebrating Women’s day on the 8th of March annually is one reason to get excited for the future of Women in the corporate, business, political, financial and cultural spaces however in my opinion, Women MUST be celebrated daily and if not, can we get a month long celebration puhleezzzz??!!!!!!!

This is why we’ve decided on A MONTH LONG DISCOUNT FROM 5% – 25% OFF only for Women at the Wana Sambo Store! This simply means that if your man comes in to pick up a piece for you at the store, we are extremely sorry, but he won’t be getting this discount! LOL!! 


DETAILS: The dog print spaghetti strap mini dress comes with a loose fit rectangular sleeve tulle A-line mini dress.