Water Body Fashion

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For every girl you see on the billboard, they are meant to be interesting and inviting, you just have to look them more than twice, they’ve all got that hold and charm, they look charming and interesting and inviting that will make your mind wishing and longing and sometimes your mind can travel billions of miles thinking about them in nano seconds.

Girls in this world are full of charm and that’s why they are valued, they are good sales people, they help us sell our ideas to people and make it reality, they just make you appreciate clothes and the creativity of the designer that you will want to buy, they’ll make you see yourself in them, they just know how to connect with our wants and desire, they’ll plant style ideas into you and make you want their kind of body, they fit into anything perfectly.

Fashion is everywhere like we’ve been told severely; it’s the air we breathe and how we see things and how much of our self we know and appreciate, we live everyday of our life with the wisdom of I know me, but really our much of you do you know? Sometimes we get excited and out of that excitement we dance a new dance and sing a new song like we never know we can sing, the happiness helps us to discover you. The much of us we know often determine the much we can see and believe in, often times we look our self like we are a stranger to our self, even in the mirror sometimes you look lust to the image we are seeing, maybe it’s because we are really different, like he said he created us in his own image, in his own likeness that means we are really much, many different strength and vibes in us. It’s like this; see you as a supernatural being experiencing reality, experiencing flesh. We are often scared of how much we are, of how much greatness we posses, the world was scared too.

The creativity of fashion is always easy flowing that made it fit any environment and makes all work art, perfect for every shoot, she’s just the body for the fit. The tone of her skin and the charm she posed with makes us want to be in that outfit, the joy of the waters flowing beneath her and caressing her legs giving her the perfect feel of what pleasure and comfort as she enjoys the water play like she was made to exist in this part, the floral feel of the clothes beautifies her size, that it moves as her body commands and makes her look not just pretty in the clothes but she helps create the kind of sense that style is natural, just like the waters she’s playing with, just a reflection of how little we need to try sometimes to get it all started, to the highest point. The vigor of her hands shows how little she tried with the spraying of the water upward, that it went up high, high above her that will make you look up and catch the gaze of her eyes, the strength and charm it posses, you can’t hide the comfort and want you feel when you’re in contact with the eyes, all she makes you think is am ready when you are, and I’ll be beautiful waiting, as the light spectrum on the higher water spray in the picture showing the different beautiful light in some drop of water, the light is beautiful and you just get to see how much beauty and colours that’s their in a drop of water that you are yet to find.

How she played with the water will make you see another beauty of drops of water, especially when the lens catches it as light went through some of the drops, you see a beautiful colour, almost a colour you can’t describe a pinch of yellow and blue, this much beauty and another side of water you get to see. Some saw the much greatness in humanity and how it’s all free, but they panic, they were scared we might not know the value, scared we might misuse it, so they robbed us early, because they know we are always scared and the reality of how great we are, not everybody can process it, so they made us believe in another greater body, a body that will guide us through existence, that will keep us sane, she sees us but we can’t see her, they make us believe he’s responsible for everything. She’s responsible for the water rise, the beauty in her face and the inviting want her lips create as the photographer capture her prowess, the passion her wet hands create as the waters fly above like they were on a mission to call the goddess of style.

Sexy sells clothes, that’s why we usually buy clothes, because we imagine how it will fit us, how beautiful it will make our body look, on her the clothes and cut was right, leaving you painting a picture in your head of how much the clothe will function in another form. Often times when we buy clothes we don’t usually buy for just one use, our creative style sometimes gives us reason to want to wear them in a different style, during a different weather. Part of our decision when buying a clothe is also thinking of weather that’s why fashion adverts takes different shape and imagination with much interesting charm, you don’t just fall in love with just the clothes, or the model but the creative imagination of the photographer, he’s lending us his eyes to see how much beauty he can see of her in the dress, of how much she will convince you to want to wear and enjoy the joy she felt wearing the long floral light yellow, with white embroidered petal shape designs on the material of the long sleeve gown, with a wide neck that makes you appreciate the sexiness of her shoulders even as her hair cloud her neck on both sides and reveals the perfect lines that trace her jaw all around her face and you can’t help but stare again, stare again at the gentle calling in her eyes and the part of her lips exposing her  white teeth, wish you will make imagining what their taste will be.

She’s calling you gently to you, to the much greatness you posses and how high you can reach with little touch, to how much your body is beautiful and fit just anything you wish and like, to how much attention you can catch, she caught us, and the photographer saved the moment.

We are beautiful in any place she told us, the light can catch us at any height and we will be beautiful, it’s just you knowing how much of fashion you can see in the air, how much of it you can see even in the natural body, the nature and how you pose for the shut of each moment.

Model – Yetunde

Photography – Qnipz