WAVY; Alien in a Pink Dress

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Wavy the creator Boring fashion is almost like a crime, because you won’t only be boring yourself and your skin, you’ll be boring people on the street and your followers and that’s a big crime because we’re supposed to love everybody like ourselves and make this place a better place, which only how we look can do that for us, but instead of being an alien, many prefer to be a norm.

Life is beautiful not only when you’re living rich, your sense of style definitely define how beautiful your world is, even how boring it is, but like they say life is too short to wear boring clothes, you’ll never catch Wavy in boring clothes and that’s why I’m a huge fan, she’s from the new world.Alternative Fashion

Many in this present age are tired of the old world, holding us back from being creative and expressing the knowledge we have, many people prefer to be a norm because of they want to be accepted and validate by the people in the society, they don’t want to be seen as odd. People from the new world are different, they are themselves and their art and they rule their world and what they create and how they dress.Denim Fashion

Fashion is life, just like coco said, it’s everywhere and seeing this photo of wavy caught my attention and everything about the styling of the outfit I just fall in love with, the layering and her charm, the accessories and how she posed for the camera, she’s everything that represent good vibe and living like you want, not what the society want you to live like, she’s a star.

Like she captioned the photo, Alien in a Pink Dress, she’s not your everyday girl; she’s got vibe that’ll change your world.