Ways of Our Culture; Our Sense of Style

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Fashion Editorial

Most times people think adopting another culture’s way of life or kind of style means you’re betraying the beauty of the style of where you’re from, your culture and sense of style and how you dress. Fashion is universal, a unique language we all speak in our different ways according to how it suit our personality and the culture of our own mind, just because you’re from the shores of Africa and you mix the western influence of fashion into your wardrobe do not mean you hate the fashion of your people.

Humans shame for different reasons, they judge in ways that they like and how they see things, that’s just life, that’s how things work around here, how it has been for generations before we’re born, people lived anyway, they wear what they want still, they shop what suit their ego and fit their personality, even if they care about what the world thinks they live the best way they could.

Ciara Style

Because of how the western world treated this race during colonization the hate still remains, the feel of these guys are wicked and mean, with that many distance themselves from the ways of the west but life is not always fair, civilization and knowledge too, the confidence of what you know, their discoveries develop the world, their ways of life interest many, even how they look and think which made many of their admirers believe less in what they have, their own ways of life, their culture they see flaws in but not willing to change it for better, even how they wear clothes the society and culture has limit the thought in their heart and how they see beauty.

We find freedom differently, what we do with information is different too.