We Just Want to Fix Her. Nigeria at 57

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The relationship we keep with our country is a reflection of the amount of love we have for it, the kind of love we share with it, the kind of relationship she keeps with us and how we treat ourselves in the relationship. Ask what you can do for your country not what your country can do for you, it’s been 57 years that we have been in this relationship with Nigeria and a lot has happened so far.

Lots of things we can’t deny has happen, the abuse, the cheating and the violence in this relationship, the lies and the hatred, for so long we lie to ourselves, they lie to us every time and we bought it over and over again, the Lion of Africa they call us, but really people that live here know it’s just a name, a title, that we know it’s not for us, right now in this abused relationship we dwell, with many people on the street not proud of their motherland , not proud of the relationship they keep with their country because many feel they are contributing their own fair share to the relationship but she’s not reciprocating, she’s not giving back her own fair share.

Every day we wake up to hear different lies, different tales of loot, many of her citizens are frustrated, many of her people are depress and all they need is a good hope, something to keep them going, on the street you see a typical Nigerian that wish is not from here, a typical Nigerian that suffer the abuse of this relationship.

As much as Nigeria has nurtured herself and clocked 57, it’s sad that she’s still like a young girl being battered in a relationship and is tired of being beaten and is about to let loose light a cigarette and torch the whole thing but she’s always in the headline as though she has a perfect life and is growing.
This year let’s not pretend to be happy but reflect on how to fix her!

In this photo she try to capture the reality in this country, yearly we celebrate in hope and lies, in motivation and paint a beautiful picture, maybe that has distracted us from the real reality, the reality we all know, so this year she decided to paint the true picture of our reality.

The hope we still have, the dream we still have, the question just still remains when will she give us the room to give birth to those dreams we house in our head. It’s been 57 years are we are not giving up, we are not going to wait for the right time, for the right time is now, it’s time to be that change that we’ve hoped for, that we’ve waited for all our lives.

Great things we wish this relationship, we just want to fall hopelessly in love with her again, we want her love to make us go crazy that we can’t live with her, we just want to fix her, to fix us.

We love Nigeria and we can’t live this relationship in abuse and lies no more, we just want her.

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon