We Love Fat Girls

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Sexy Fat Girls

I love my society for something; topics that trouble the world don’t trouble us, we wonder sometimes why people are troubled by those topics. In this society, we live by different rules and reality. As signs mean different things to different people, our sizes and skin mean different things to us, we are made with different ideologies from the rest of the world; here is a different world, different thought and existence.

The issue of body size and approved bodies is a serious topic around the world, people in my society try to understand why fat people should be criticized or look down on while slim petite ones are praised and approved, constantly on the cover of magazines. How Mo’nique’s cousin was described by the Nigerian guys in Phat Girls “Igi e ta yin” (tootpick) is how my society describe slim girls. It’s believed here that skinny girls are poor and malnourished while the fat ones are rich and sexy, they have pretty yanch and hips, men love how their yanch  fit in clothes, that’s what drive their crave for sex. The hips is always attractive and sexy, the slim ones have less of that, they shame them because they are not the approved ones.

Tess Holiday and Ashley Graham will be many people’s favorite in my society, they are build for our kind of ego, if they’re here they won’t have to fight to be approved, they will be and loved. We love the big girls, though the western culture is gradually having it influence on us about body size but fat girls will always have over slim girls. It’s just how we are wired here, we love different bodies but the fat ones we adore.