Wearing Silk

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Silk – Light, airy and breathable nature. With this season’s trend of crop tops, off the shoulder ruffles and flowing midi skirts, the fabric is more popular than ever.

And when days call for stylish wear while keeping us cool, incorporating silk into your outfit. However, while it may be the ideal fabric to wear during the warm season, it’s not easy to master the skill in silk dressing without
– Looking like you’re ready to hit the sack,
– Avoid its static cling properties and
– Leave traces of sweat in unflattering places.

But before you swear it off completely, you know, just in case you can’t figure out how to wear silk without showing your pit stains to the world. Whether they are dressing it up with heels or dressing it down with Birks, silk make for an ideal addition to any look. Versatility of the fabric, dress with silk with floral faux silk pants up for the night and down for the day. Loving silk for its easy breezy ways. A silk jumpsuit can easy up the glam factor for a night out.
And if you think teaming a jacket on silk raises eyebrows, think again (especially for those cool nights) is totally doable when its silk and breathe easy.
Silk can be beautiful when worn fitted, but during the warm months preferably to keep things relaxed and loose. With this statement silk kaftan, keep your makeup simple and paired with black mules and pearl shark tooth earrings for a look that can easily go anywhere.

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