Wednesday for Women

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SJ and Dewy

When we wake sometimes, it’s to a good day with new promise and sometimes, it’s to a beautiful face with a promise of a better day, a reminder of a glorious night when it was just you two, in the arms of each other with the whispers of words that assure one of the world beyond earth, where pleasure is everything that rules, the vanity of our heart.

When we wait, it’s important, everyday is a new day to celebrate the joy of a woman, Wednesday the day dedicated to women every week, the beauty of the digital age, the age of freedom, finding your confidence, facing your own truth, your reality and living if you choose to.


Never should it be about the sex or size, but about the love of being human, the reality of the flesh we wear, not the complexion of it, humanity we all are experiencing under the cloud, movie of the daily life, living in the moment, the lesson we’re taught, Cherry, the brilliant verse over a tight beat, the sound of Wednesday.

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