Wednesday Women

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Traveling GirlAlways try is the advice every time, prepare for the raining days, work at day time so you don’t have to work at night because night is for rest, can bet many people are familiar with those lines, maybe the best advice even. We generate different energies for different things; it’s that energy that we create that helps us to survive life and everything that comes with it.

Sometimes when we wake in the morning a different place we wish we wake in, with a lover maybe, maybe in that penthouse with that magnificent view, and as you wake, your dreams you vividly still remember, the hope of life, the thrills of living that has brought us here, the lust we have for life and now we’re here and it’s Wednesday the day people crush on women, their hard work and how much they’ve change the world around them, women we think about on this day and we love it.

African Girl

Life as we know it, life as we’ve lived the dream that never ends, everyday we dream new and different, we might wake on the wrong side of the bed or even in that old room that we slept in last night and we wake with a little sadness in our heart, but with hope in our mind, and that hope generate a new energy that’ll make us jump up from bed and go to chase that dream, the thing we live for. We lose ourselves sometimes but it’s coming back with a bang that’s the joy of finding you and not allowing yourself to remain a looser, for greatness is everything that make us tick, the reason why we celebrate the women we celebrate today, because they are special and they know they’re beautiful, they face it all, they fight and they won and today we celebrate who they are and how much they’ve change history.

Albino Sexy Woman

Women we talk about often, issues about their life the society make political but everyday they live to survive, they live to inspire us and that we might crush on them on Wednesday and everyday.