Weird Happiness and Comfort of the Street

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Street Life

Photography by Adeola Olagunju

Not all wins are wins sometimes, though some fails are wins but we’ll be the one to define that, some situations educate us while some take away from us making us teach other people, but generally in life, it’s either you’re the lesson or you’re the one learning, you’ll be the one to label your wins or your fails. The best lack conviction while the worst are filled with passion.

To look like the luxury life of the successful ones, the beautiful clothes and the civilized manner of living, the polite way of talking seems to them and every admirers as the life to live, because it’s actually the best life to live, the comfort and the ability to afford just anything, but the real fun is on the street, uncultured, maybe uncivilized even, raw and carefree with a weird sense of imagination, even what they wish for, on the street you see all kind of fails and little wins, weird comfort and happiness.

Success is the dream of everybody, that’s why we work to earn, though some beg while some fraud, but that money we all need somehow, the comfort too, we all want different level of comfort, though some are comfortable with what they have now, not wishing for more and you’ll wonder why are they so contented with where they are at the moment, sometimes you can’t help but wonder why, why they don’t want more.

On the street many already gave up, living to die, so while they wait to die they live their bucket-list, the kind of life the elite see only on the news maybe in movies and they’ll wonder if it’s truly real that people are living like this, on the street it’s a bucket-list lifestyle, that’s why it’s always interesting when you see them, that’s why they don’t care because their imaginations and aspiration is shitty and interesting, like getting drunk early in the morning on a Monday even before 9am, the explicit uncontrolled sex life, how they eat even and their kind of party and dance. As unrespected as they are, they influence the popular culture, dance and a kind of happiness, even if they hope for more, they’re happy with them at the moment. One thing on the street that’s interesting is their kind of love and loyalty, you’ll find a different kind of love on the street and they’re always loyal to who they’re loyal too, but here they live on a different scale of extreme, it’s the culture of the street.

The freedom we lack in the cultured world is there on the street, the hope we dream of is there in the cultured world, the big dream too but what the eyes sees different, looking at the street through the eyes of the cultured world you’ll see waste and neglect, what they don’t see, dream of the civilized world they dream too, but usually they’re too comfortable with their neglect and environment and way of life that the civilized world that they hoped for remain just like a dream, that dream that they’ll always hope for.

In reality a blend of the two is what rocks, that’s why some people are the real life of the party because they have a blend of the two, they know wahsup, different experience build us, the street experience and the civilized world experience is a blend that will give us a different understanding of humanity, hopes and dreams, the fails and falls, success and freedom, they’ve all got their lessons, but we search for different things in life and our bucket-list is different but having fun is definitely one way to live because we all deserve freedom, we all deserve comfort and love and lust too.

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