Welcome to Monday; Monday Motivation

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Monday ChickWelcome to Monday, welcome to that day of the week many dread, but because we live in this place, we wake up to Monday after every Sunday and we face whatever Monday hold because we can’t run away from it, we have to face that day, to face our fear and the stress of the day, just because you can’t run away from it, many do wish though they can skip Monday or escape it somehow, though they say be careful for what you wish for, for it might come true but not all wish can come through somehow, so we live Monday the best way we can until we’ll be able to teleport and travel through time.

For some the weekend was a great one, for some it was a long and boring weekend and now it’s Monday again, life can be crazy sometimes and everything happens the other way round, not as planned or want, but running away makes us coward.

Rekana Fashion

Tough times don’t last they’ll say, tough people do, guess we all just have to be tough to bring those dreams to life, they always know the way, guess we just have to trust them enough to lead the way. It’s Monday let’s be alive differently, fall in love even and make you happy doing the things you love by not being a cliche, we are made differently and we came into this space differently which spells we are made for different purpose to fulfill here, so let’s fulfill already.

Life is beautiful, depends on how you look at it, the fashion on the street and the different colors that we see on the street, the naughty ideas we hear and the brilliant ones that make us want to jump on our feet already, making this place a better place start with me, starts with you and everything you start remember, you’re the head of it, you rule that thing because you know everything about it, just as the creator knows everything about us, so slay because the earth is your runway, dress well because you have good manners and stay glamorous.

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