What Fashion Hunters Make Us Do

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Runway FashionRight now in this time, these guys are the best guys to have as friend, people will jealous you, birds of same feather flocks together which means a friend of a fashion hunter must be a fashion lover too, the one thing they have in common, you’ll get the best things with ease, though Instagram has even made it all easy, they post the new things they’ve found, they hunt good stuffs around the world, they know the new collection that’s out there, they make us look like we want.

Distribution is still one major issue in the fashion industry, people don’t get to access that design they want and the level of fakes ones is constantly on the raise, majorly these guys produce these fakes to give people a sense of belonging and to give them a taste of the real ones that they can’t afford or they can’t have access to, so they live wearing the fake designs because they either can’t get the real ones or it’s too expensive.
Fashion Hunters
The hunters hunt anyone for you though, though some are specialized in hunting just the real ones and some hunt any depending on the clients and life is beautiful, people wear what they want to, some go out of their way to get those things, some save and some just work for it, we always want what we want and we get what we want differently, but with the fashion hunters they’ll make you want it all.Fashion Lovers

The influence of the fashion hunters on us is making us love fashion more and the beautiful things that they find, even though they make us buy what we don’t need sometimes, and most times we get carried away by the beauty of the piece that we just forget or maybe neglect the reality that we don’t need it but because probably we can afford it or because we want to own that particular piece, we buy them and they become a plus in our wardrobe. We love every plus in our wardrobe, guess the old piece just have to make way for the new piece, the idea of giving out the old stuff make sense.