What Happened to Me on Friday

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Woke up like this and all I feel like to do is have a different kind of fun, something really different from the lifestyle I’ve been used to in awhile. Yes it’s Friday it’s still a work day, a day you get to analyze all what have been done over the week, to grade the effort and the ugly decision that was taking during the week, it’s the end of the week to celebrate how the week has turned out to be.

So I got up for a short run, some exercise and a beautiful breakfast, short distance walk to work, though still thinking of how different I want to have fun this day, the usual routine has been too usual and already it’s becoming boring, a new spice is all I need.

While still thinking about how to make the day fun, a chat notification popped on the screen of my phone and it was “how wild do you want to make Friday?” Right there I felt like somebody is reading my mind or maybe the universe’s way of confirming how boring my Fridays has been and want to contribute to me making a difference and have fun like never before, a new kind of fun. So I replied the chat and the notification I got next was the address to some place I don’t even know, some place where Friday will be made, all thanks to google map, I found out the place almost immediately, don’t want to ruin the fun, I only googled the directions.

The day was a slow one probably because I was anticipating and thinking what will happen there, at a point I had to remind myself that it’s not my birthday, but I was ready for any surprise, anything that will make that day different. Finally it was closing hour and soon my uber came and soon we are at the mystery location, already, there was a message for me at the front desk, so I was directed to the room. Classic tunes was what was playing, a red soft colored illuminated room, wondering where my host is, I wander round the room, the voice of Amy Winehouse filled the house, just as I walk to the refrigerator to grab myself a drink, opened the door of the fridge a note was lying cold on the middle layer, sitting on the paper was a cup of Bloody Mary, in the note it read “the party is outside, come with your cup”, kinda wondering where outside, then I notice a glass sliding door that was slide open walked through and instantly I recognized the new sound that fill the outside air, it was Lust for Life, one song that has been on top of my playlist for months now, I smiled to myself, enjoying every of the moment and treat.

By the waterside was a bed with white soft fabrics as cotton spreading through the four side of the bed to cover who’s on it, the soft cold breeze from the beach blows the cotton, the burn fire was some distance away from where the bed is, a moving shadow is all I see inside the bed. The closer I get the louder Lana sings and I know that was my spot that was where I’m supposed to be, that’s my host. The sounds that has escorted me from the room to this water side are songs from the people I cherish and love, there sounds and lyrics inspires, the closer I get the more I was anticipating the joy or the expression on her face.

Was amazed and shocked, she was in a lacey scarlet red tong and bra with a full length wrapped white sheer pajamas, the smile on her face and the look in her eyes I couldn’t help but smile back but was shocked as this was not who I was expecting, different and pretty, sexy and seducing, shocked and speechless and she smiled more, she was even happy more, the breeze blow every strand of her hair, don’t want to ruin the mystery escapade I flow along and it was mad fun.

At one point we were writing hot romantic lines in the moist sand, dancing round the burning fire, even have to win a dare running through the fire.