What it Feels Like to be a Woman on Wednesday

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Tess Holliday It feels different to be a woman on Wednesday, you just feel proud of the sex you are as everybody crush on you differently, the appreciation and the motivation by other women who have inspired us, you just feel the urge to be better and to dream new dreams and dress different too because we live in stylish time and the time women are discovering themselves differently.

It’s a good thing to crush, it shows how much respect you have for the woman you’re crushing on, how much love too and how much the person has impact in you to be different. The topic of women rule this time, and it’s changing our generation to see women different, different from how they were treated back then, how their life was limited to her husband house and in the kitchen with no education and no public contribution to the society, times are changing and we love the influence of the digital age.Art Girl

Every new day, new things happen, new hopes and it’s not only on Wednesday you get to appreciate the women in your life and their goodness, every day they look beautiful and they inspire us differently, they are the women we see every day with different vibes, and new influence, new knowledge of how to be free, freedom is everything that can set us free, love too and the women are just teaching the world how to love, how to love them and ourselves too.The Lady Vhodka

They teach us self-love, body love, respect, they teach us too, even lust and seduction and the confidence of not being ashamed of you, because we are human and we are meant to be proud of who we are and what we are.