What Shaped Us

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In real life different people exist, some embrace their truth, others shy away from it, that’s how society has trained us to live, some were able to define and shape their life the way they want embracing their truth expressing what they feel, getting what they want even if the society will kill them for it, it’s my life they’ll say to encourage themselves not to worry about what the people in the society will say.

Some get sex whenever they want because it’s their life even if the society will kill them for what they love, they won’t starve or deprive themselves from what they love because the society sees it differently, it’s normal to see things from our own point of view, we are humans that have experience different things in life, everybody’s’ opinion is valid if you’ll be truthful to the reality of their existence, because you survive doesn’t make you more superior, understanding doesn’t make you different, life and emotions happens to us differently, respect everybody’s point of view.

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Some love to be wayward, reasons best known to them though we know how destructive it can be when you live a kind of life, convincing and painting the right picture is usually the best way to change a person not criticism like the society practice, criticism makes the heart more harden to do that which it wanted even though it will destroy the doer, but to prove to you that you’re not in control of them, they’ll do that which they want to do that you don’t like because ego is our pride, makes us who we are.

Things the society tag bad might be done for the right reason because of the truth the doer found in it, like Bella discovering her love for sex and how it makes her feel,it’s her joy, what satisfy her existence, her truth she discover not being rebellious. Our truth comes to us differently, smoking doesn’t make a person bad and horrible, especially marijuana, bad for some people but not everybody, it brings out the real you, enhance creativity to make you feel good, why will you have to stop it? Our favorite food makes us feel good, nourish our body and give our tongue good taste; some habit they tag bad is the path to some people’s truth.

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Let everybody find their truth the best way they can, if you can help guide them the right way show support when you need to, the reality is what you’ve not experience you can’t tell how it feels.

Life happens to us all, sometimes it’s humans that tells us sorry for what they’ve done to us, other times its life because of how unfair it treats us, you can’t beat life, it owns and decide for us how to experience it. Saying sorry is never a sin, it’s how we express regrets, wishing things can be done right if possible, but when shit is done, shit is done.