When He’s in Love

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Oftentimes we feel the passion to want to exist, sometimes we succeed but often times we get distracted on the way, this maybe as a result to new found passion or just finding love. Love is interesting.
The male ego is having lots of girls to fiddle with, but just one can be enough and just that one can change the game, can change the way the heart feels. The happy mornings, the late night gist, the smiles and stare and long silence, life is just beautiful when you’re real.

Even the heartless and broken heart can find love, it’s everywhere in every town, it was a collection of happiness and living and we made love out of everyday and from the cheap things, making happiness is not expensive all you need do is free your heart and give room for that one magical touch, that kiss on the lips stained with her strawberry lipstick and the feel on the lip changed it all, the look in her eyes confirmed it, the butterflies can’t help but make you feel it over and over again.

Like Fifty shades of grey, you want to go wild on Friday nights and wake up to see her in your white shirt while you both make breakfast with just your boxers on and she’s just only on your white shirt with nothing underneath, can’t forget how you dare me to go down on you when you sit on the table in the kitchen while we wait for the coffee to brew, the stain on the white shirt reminds me of how much we don’t care, how much we experience eternity, now I know how eternity feels, it’s with you. We pause time and we were happy with it. We’re all that matters, we matter after all and weekends is what we always can’t wait to experience, week days are so busy we forget to eat dinner sometimes or too tired we sleep with our clothes on, remember that Monday after you call to tell me how horny you are and you can’t wait to rip me off when we get home, how sad we got home that day and we drank till we passed out and we forgot to make love.

You make romantic novels come to life with the way you made us live, your smiles hunt me in the bathroom at night and the smell of your perfume leads me on to work every morning this should be us defining happily ever after just like in the movie, because we are movie.