When to Wear these Panties 

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Like all things necessary but yet so ubiquitous, like the air we breathe, the water we drink and even the underwear we wear, these things oftentimes tend to go unnoticed. Also not to mention in today’s world, there are so many variations of underwear that it can definitely be hard to remember, what underwear should be worn for what occasion/circumstance.
To make these easier, at least when it comes to the entire underwear thing…

  Boy Shorts

Simply modeled after men’s briefs, they take on a more rectangular shape than most panties.

When to wear them:
Boy shorts can actually serve the same function as a thong in being worn under formfitting clothes without visible panty lines when fitted properly and made from the right fabric. However, longer cotton boy shorts tend to be worn as loungewear or pajamas.

Also very commonly known as “granny panties.” Briefs provide nothing but full coverage and a high waistband. While these are the most attractive pair of undies, they definitely are considered the most absolute comfortable.

When to wear them: Let’s just say these should only be worn for that time of the month.


These are also widely referenced as “hip huggers” simply for the fact that the waistband sits on the hips.

When to wear them: Hipsters provide full coverage but work perfectly well with low rise jeans/pants.

  French-Cut Panties

These are often referenced as high cut panties. I guess you can say these made a comeback? When Miley Cyrus started sporting these.

When to wear them: If you’re looking for the coverage of what a brief can provide but find the elastic band around the leg uncomfortable, these might be your best bet.


Here’s another alternative to achieving the no panty lines look.

When to wear them: These are the perfect undies for that to die for body con dress or tight pants.


The G-string provides no rear coverage and forms a T shape.

When to wear them: Since both the thong and boy shorts get the job done when it comes to achieving the seamless look underneath clothes, it’s rarely ever truly necessary to wear a G-string. Long story short, wear these on your next hot date.

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