When You’re Ready To Live The Purpose 

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Oftentimes, when we are ready to truly live out our purpose, signs guiding us toward action begin to arise. As I was beginning to step into my purpose and fully understand what I was meant to do with my life, I went through what I call an “initiation” process in which I did the inner work that would ultimately allow me to lead, serve, and help others on a larger scale.

If I hadn’t gone through this process first, I wouldn’t have found the skills I needed to truly serve others while taking care of myself in a productive way. Essentially, my foundation needed to be fully developed before I was ready to fly.

If any of these things sound like you, it’s safe to say you are being called to develop your personal foundation so you can serve the world in a larger way.

1. You dream of more freedom.

You may feel like you’ve already almost had it all during one point in your life. You had all the things that were supposed to make you happy: the great job, the relationship, the house with the white picket fence … but still something was missing.

You find yourself drawn to things that bring you more freedom like travel or mobility at work. This inner call to freedom is a sign that you are being asked to begin to make some big changes in your life. These changes are directly related to building the strong foundation that will help you lead, guide, and help others with your purpose.

2. You’ve gone through tumultuous relationships.

Do difficult relationships seem to be a recurring theme in your life?

When we are preparing to live out our purpose, we need to become the strongest versions of ourselves. What better way to really get to know ourselves than with a relationship that tests us?

If you have had trying experiences in your relationships, know that there is a reason behind it all. You will get through the tests, learn your lessons, and come out on the other side ready for your life’s mission. It may not be easy, but in the end, you will understand why things happened the way they did.

3. You feel nobody really understands you.

For as long as you can remember, you’ve had a distinct feeling that people don’t really understand you. This concern often shows up as thoughts like I never quite fit in or I’m never really heard. You might also feel you have a keen sense of intuition that helps you see the real truth that most people don’t acknowledge.

These signs often point to the hidden gifts and talents that are part of your purpose. As you go through the initiation process, you will better understand these gifts and how to use them. You will also begin to see how perfectly they fit into the purpose you were put here to serve.

4. You have a deep desire to help others.

You have a dream of helping others in some way. You know others need your help, though you might not know how just yet. You may have felt a call to take action on it for years and pushed it back down, but something inside of you knows you can’t wait around any longer.

Essentially, you know you have a mission to fulfill and now is the time to take action.

– MindBodyGreen