Where is Temi Doll Face? We Miss Her

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Temi Doll FaceOne thing you’ll always respect and appreciate with creatives is the time and energy and emotions they put into their craft, dedication and the love they have for it, even when the world is not ready for the kind of craft they create, all form of creativity is beautiful especially when you take your time to bring those works to life.

Temi Doll-Face, since the day I first saw her on TV, right there I just knew she’ll be one artist that I’ll never get tired of listening to or watching her videos, she’s from the African version of Pluto, creative and beautiful, her music is Afro, the modern version of Afro that sound melodious in your ear, the energy and the dramatization of the characters, the vintage color grading of her videos and how attractive the story she tells, her doll face.

Afrobeat Artist

Her sense of style is one other thing I love in her too, she’s not your regular artist, she’s alternative even with her sound and her look, her mix of trends and her vibe, the bold look of a doll face that’ll draw your attention closer, her voice and lyrics that’ll register in your mind forever like “Pata Pata”


We miss her already as its been awhile since we heard from her, even on Instagram, we miss her works and vibe and her pretty doll face, her what Temi Wore Next, she’s that artist we don’t want to get enough of. Though we believe she’s cooking something awesome that’s why she’s been away but patiently we wait for her return and it will be a beautiful day when she does return.Temi Doll Face African Queen

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