Why I Don’t Shop Online

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Online Shopping

Shopping has been made easy because of our busy schedules, to save us the stress of walking from one store to another. Online shopping has helped us get what we wanted without having to visit the store in the physical, new kind of job was created, personal shoppers. This era is about easing stress and making humans live more, to have more time to do what matters and be able to get what they want.

Every solution created is another problem created, online shopping was invented to ease us the stress of shopping but not getting exactly what you ordered is the problem that invention created. Sometimes it’s the fake of what you ordered they delivered, other times it’s something different from what you ordered that they impose on you to have, they’ll even convince you why it’s the best thing for you making you doubt what you initially wanted.

Online Fashion Store

The beauty of shopping in the physical is, you experience and feel what you want to buy and not digital seeing, we have options in the physical to either buy or walk away, that option we most times don’t have online because everything is beautiful and attractive digitally that you get tricked easily. Already the world is fighting the fashion industry for giving us many options of what to buy that makes us buy what we don’t need. You can’t blame the creative directors though, every idea in their head they want to bring to life, it’s more better in the physical than in the head, it thrills you alone in the head but in the physical, it helps many lives, it satisfy our ego too. So let them produce while we culture ourselves to buy only what we need.

Shop online if it’s reliable but save yourself the stress of returning and waiting if they’re not reliable and shop in the physical, you’ll have more options and you can even get a better deal. Shopping online have its benefits too, some piece you never thought existed you can come across.