Wizkid the Greatest, Our MCM

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It’s ok to crush today, especially because it’s Monday today and because Wizkid is the greatest, he’s the vibe of this generation and everybody is proud to be alive to witness his greatness and the wonders he’s got on his sleeves, he’s Star Boy after-all and that’s why he’s shining like a super star. Since Holla at boy, we’ve been in for a change that we know will be a great one but we did not know how he’ll keep us spell bound and will make us always to holla at the boy, especially when he’s on runway.

From his early days with EME he has been a star and a crush to many women, that some will later faint when they have the opportunity to hug him on stage and many will rumor him to be in a secret relationship with Tiwa, people will always talk, after-all that’s what their mouth is for and their hands to type whatever their sense can come up with, but still it won’t change our mind even less, because you can’t help but see him as another wonder of this generation, of this race and continent.Wizkid on Runway

Greatness is not a one day thing, like he said in an interview, if he can do it, you can do it even more and that’s one thing you’ll love about this generation, how they encourage each other to be more, for they don’t want to be great alone, because they know it will be more fun if we are all great together and that’s why we love and crush on him even more, his street vibes and the kind of energy he pitch from his songs, you’ll give him your attention willingly and your body will move right to his songs, you’ll nod your head even.Kana Wizkid and Olamide

His sense of style is the dream of every youngster out there, everybody want to be as cool as Wizkid, he’s the new dream and the goal to dreamers that want to be like him. Real recognize real they say and the moment Naomi Campbell came in to wizzy’s life we couldn’t help but crush more because we know we are in for the next chapter of Wizkid greatness because everything Naomi touch, turns to gold and the beginning is just the D&G runway appearance.Naomi Campbell

So as our fingers are crossed watching and enjoying the thrills of being a Wizkid and a Star Boy, we crush on him today and we’ll always crush on this Bad Boy Star Boy.

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