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One day we as motherland people all over the world will start to listen to those that are actually doing the work for our progress. We shall shut out and alienate those among us that lead our youths astray, intentionally. One day tweeted apologies won’t cut it anymore. One day a traitor shall be just that. A TRAITOR. One day we will forgive our friends their trespasses and hold oppressors accountable for their unforgivable sins against us instead. Sometimes I wonder how many friends we have lost over nonsense while we excuse the ones creating the conditions for this warped existence to exist. I am not mad at Kanye, I am sorry for my people.

Poverty enables corruption. Absolute power corrupts absolutely but absolute powerlessness also corrupts absolutely. 22500 naira , 30000 naira , all these figures less than 100 dollars, is an insult to human dignity. We must stop these people from using our dignity as their toothpick. How can a president that rules a country presently on 18000 a month minimum wage (50 dollars) operate 11 private jets. Numerous luxurious cars and senators receive more than 1million dollars a year. We must stop this nonsense. Now all these so called experts are on tv saying the government can’t afford it bla bla bla. The question is where will they get the money from. I have the answer. They can get the money from the same place they got 50billion dollars to fund AMCON to bail out the rich people ( who have never given anything to Nigerians) in 2011. Everybody got their Cheques then, NIGERIAN PEOPLE LETS RISE UP AND DEMAND OUR OWN CHEQUERS NOW. We must be clear to the NLC this is not about raising wages is about RAISING HUMAN DIGNITY. If Buhari enjoys the best health care in the world, that’s what we want. If His children have the best education in the world, that’s what we want. If he lives in the most secure sorroundings then that’s what we want.

Seun Kuti

Extract from Theunbearded

I remember watching Fela’s funeral as a child and although my young mind was barraged with a ton of questions, the mammoth crowd and fancy glass coffin made it quite apparent (that) that was someone special. I asked an older family member who he was and although, I can hardly recollect her exact words, I clearly remember these ones; “Baba Amugbo” (elderly weed smoker). To her, millions of Nigerians and at the time, much more recently, an inquisitive child, that’s all Fela was. That was his story.

One interesting thing about #Fela is the relationship between his legacy and society’s acceptance of weed smoking; decades ago, he was maligned for that and now, just like Bob Marley, he’s being celebrated as the face of anti-establishment, youthful rebellion and exuberance.
Once a year, he’s ‘Felabrated’ in an orgy of festivities that would make Roman Emperors envious.
However, I don’t think this is how Fela would want to be remembered. How about his ideologies, socio-political views, and his eternal message of Pan-African unity and black emancipation?

It’s a shame that one of modern #Africa’s greatest minds has been reduced to a poster boy for delinquency and social decadence. It’s even more tragic that ‘Fela-sophy’ isn’t taught in our universities.
#Nigeria needs a total change of ideological direction and changing our attitude towards his legacy will prove utterly indispensable to the struggle.
Rest in Power

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