Worshiping with Titi

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Qlue Women

Titi Ogufere

I miss worshiping with Titi, you should experience it, there’s a presence that’s always with her, welcoming and worship worthy, in her presence God is all that matters, his direction is everything, the presence brings a different reality that makes everything possible,  your ideas and thoughts, believing you can do it all, he wrote the script, he ended it already.

When she replied my mail the first time, I was the happiest person, it came at the time it was needed, she was kind and I blush reading the mail overwhelmed, then I experience worship in her presence, heaven you’ll feel, welcoming; Yopee no sentiment knows how to make heaven flow, he brings it all in, possibility of all things, hopes and dreams. Every service is a different experience, it is a free land of let us appreciate the maker.

Qlue Women

TY Bello

A different cloud the day TY Bello came, It was supposed to be a photography career/kingdom work kind of service but reality turns out how it want most times when the spirit is brought to life; it was a full room and the spirit came down! I love how we worship in my society when we are under the influence, it was a hopeful room that March, beautiful and thrilling spontaneous worship, that day I felt it, the meaning of life, it was a great and blessed service that day.

Different lessons, worshiping and interesting topics we digest every Wednesday. Titi’s presence is special and specific, she knows what she wants, she’s sure of it, her vibe motivates and command you to do the right thing willingly, her aura is pure and strict, you’ll need to be sanctified and true to access her after he has approved, her presence uplift, that’s all that matters, a beacon of hope, a gem; we’ve got it all, we can do all things.