Written and Composed by Peter Jacobs – Dream Chaser

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We chase dreams differently, we have different hopes and passion and how we chase it is always different, sometimes we have the vibe to chase our dreams and along the line we die in the process, our passion die either because the environment we found ourselves is not supporting our dreams and we get comfortable that we let it slide and get used to the reality of what’s happening.

Chasing dreams is a passion, a passion that is meant to grow as we live our everyday life, to grow with us and we advance it on a daily.

Songs are not just songs, if the lyrics is not bringing us joy and driving us to want to grow up and advance the betterment of humanity, songs are inspiration that is meant to save us and make us to task ourselves to want to be the better version of who we are and our dreams. The inspiration in every song is the contribution of the artist to help motivate and improve who we are and that’s what this song “Dream Chaser” written and composed by Peter Jacobs.

His passion and consistency is what I love about him, his inspiration and the Godliness in his vibe, the believe and drive, and that’s what this song is about, it’s that kind of song that you’ll love to make up to in the morning, to motivate you through the day to make you want to achieve.

We contribute to humanity differently and that’s why this song is free for all to spark that vibe in us again, to drive us again to want to succeed and be the better version of ourselves.

Dream Chaser by Peter Jacobs is the song for all and we can’t wait for the song to hit our airwaves, to wake us up in the morning to inspire us to be who we’ve dream us to be, chasing dreams is fun, that kind of fun that sounds and look like illusion, the hope of who we are meant to become.

It’s count down to 15th of September, the day the song will be available for downloads.

Dream Chaser by Jacobs.