You Can Be A Beautiful Plus Size Like Lala

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South African Plus Size Let’s talk sexy first, let’s talk confidence and seduction and the interpretation of it, let’s talk about lust and beauty, about the human body and who we are, our thoughts and knowledge, the us that we know, the one that think all we think and see all what the eyes see, the us that crave to be approved and believed in, like we want to be believed in, let’s talk about the shape of us and the truth they hide from us, the lies they told to make us see some people and size as superior humans and some as inferior humans, let’s talk about the shaming of the tone of the skin and of the shape they said it’s not sexy.

What a beautiful time to live in, to prove them wrong, the myth and their definition of beauty and sexiness and of the right size, different things made us and that’s why we are beautiful in our own way, that’s why we are meant to do great things our we know best, but size is never a limitation and our size we are not meant to be ashamed of or to want to apologize for who we are because we are awesome in our own way.

Miss Curvy Lala

The plus size women of now are beautiful and bold taking control and telling their stories the way they want it to be told, the real story and also creating the fashion they want, the style that best suit their body because they deserve to look pretty and sexy, and they deserve to be respected for that.

Sexy Plus Size

As a body activist and as a plus size her words are motivating and her lifestyle too, to show the women of her size that you’re beautiful and sexy the way you are and you’re free to express it, to show how beautiful your body look and Lala is doing that, she’s gradually taking the message to the world through her Instagram account and as her followers grow by the day her message becomes more clear and interesting and you wish for her vibe and confidence and her size too, but you don’t have to wish because you can be all you want to be, confident and beautiful and sexy and you don’t have to apologize for it in any way.

Photos of Lala Neriah Tshabalala from her Instagram handle @misscurvylala