You Don’t Need to Fit Into this World, the World Needs to Fit into You – Trap Witch

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The World Influence So many of us, especially as women, downplay our divinity and power and ask people to make space for us. Take up all the fucking space. The only sacred space that you need to fit into in this existence is the one within yourself, by being who the fuck you came here to be. That might be big for people, and it may make them uncomfortable, but so what. Make them uncomfortable anyway.

Stop being so emotional trying to give this world only bits of yourself and then you’re displeased when it doesn’t give back what you need. Many of us lack confidence because we feel like we don’t fit in, yet we are afraid to stand out. Remember the transactions of what this world gives you is based on your frequency and vibe. Your transcendence is based on your actions.

When you transcend, you go beyond a range of limits. Maybe you’re stuck in a box and are being offered a short range or variety of experiences because that’s the cycle you are refusing to break by saying that you’ll settle to believe that you’re trapped by the worlds limits.

Baby, you don’t need to fit into this world, the world needs to fit into you. You are the power place that you need to connect with the divine. This world only offers you the best when you connect with the divine in you. Light to this ascended master I hold dear, the lovely Eartha Kitt.