You Should Have Told Me – Babeeboi “KingTeddy”

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We find love where we never thought we could, true love can even mean us secret lovers, and sometimes we are just too scared to say, maybe not bold to say our true feelings for someone, probably the influence of the society has build our thoughts and ideas of never to speak first. 

It’s always who to speak first, sometimes the other person has not given it a thought but he will jump on the wagon once the offer is on the table. Real love are not to be delayed, they go wild and becomes difficult to get back. 

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It’s a tale of two friends of opposite sex, secretly in love with each other but were on the path of friend zone, the guy really never gave it a thought but he’ll love to love her any day and the lady always giving a mix reaction, even when the guy make approach she’ll shade away, he fell for the friend and now she’s open and out of the closet of her heart to profess she wants him.

Love is now in the wide, close but complicated, the pain in the heart now is “You Should Have Told Me”

Even guys love love, they want to experience it, with someone that will blow their minds away, lady’s can be scared too, maybe ego and sometimes it leads to a dead end.
It’s Babeeboi again!!! But he’s KingTeddy now, he’s all about love. Girls easily fall for bad guys we know, there’s always something about them that is strangely fun, his first single “Kinda Bad Guy” brought him to light and the cover he did for “SOS” by YungL and many more features and works with other artists, he is the voice and the story, listen to him.

You Should Have Told Me video directed by BennyD